If you’re looking to sell your home, the chances are you’re doing all you can to make the internal spaces in your property look as inviting as possible. From a fresh lick of paint to a deep clean, homeowners looking to sell up are used to preparing their property for viewings.

But did you know that showing your garden a little TLC can be just as beneficial, maximising kerb appeal as part of a would-be buyer’s first impression. In fact, spending a few hundred pounds on the outside appearance of your home can add thousands to its market value.

In this blog post, Fantastic Gardeners has teamed up with Lawnmowers Direct, a leading online provider of garden tools and machinery, to explain how property owners can prep their garden ready to sell their home.

Take care of your lawn

This tip might seem obvious, but keeping a lawn in prime condition is no easy task and one which many home sellers often let slip.

From the risk of a discolored lawn during particularly dry and wet weather to the threat posed by pesky and persistent weeds, there are plenty of things that can damage the all-important first impression. Taking the time to keep your lawn in top condition can be a real selling point.

From ensuring your grass stays green during the summer months to going one step beyond with your cutting efforts to create impressive lawnmower art, having a vibrant and healthy lawn scores a point with potential buyers before they even step through the front door.

Add garden features

As satisfying as it is to look at a perfectly manicured lawn, one shade of green doesn’t leave much to the imagination for prospect purchasers.

Adding colour, textures and features to your garden in the form of plants and flowers, patio areas, water features and more can help spark creativity in interested parties and help them to picture living in your home, which is always a good sign.

A cleverly designed garden can be an exciting prospect for potential buyers, but be warned: it’s important to not go over the top. Add too much to your garden space and you could end up confusing buyers and, in some cases, putting them off all together.

Keep it tidy

Remember, kerb appeal is all about creating an instant attraction to a property and its surroundings. Done right, it can be the factor that makes a sale.

It’s a surprise to many that kerb appeal doesn’t have to cost the earth. Simply keeping your garden space tidy can add to your home’s overall kerb appeal.

From maintaining your lawn at the perfect length and removing fallen leaves to ensuring hedges well trimmed throughout the year, staying on top of the day-to-day upkeep of your garden can be what gives prospects the push to book a viewing and even put in an offer.

No matter the size, shape or style of your garden, keeping it in order while your home is on the market can help boost interest and potentially lead to a fast sale. Get in touch with Grasshopper Garden Services today to see how we can help!