Most of us love to keep a garden or find a way to have plants inside the house. It may vary from small to big pots adding to the exterior and interior output of our house. There’s something in these plants that relaxes our soul. It uplifts our mood and brings positive vibes.

Lawns do affect the exterior look on our whole house lot. We want to see it so green and mean so we can do picnics with our family and friends. We want to see our children enjoy their childhood on these lawns without the use of gadgets. We want to look up at the stars at night by laying a mat on the grass. We want to keep these memories last with a garden and a lawn that is well taken care of.

The Challenge in Maintaining a Lawn

Keeping a lawn mean and green is very important. It’s not like any carpets that we only need to do cleaning every six to twelve months. We all want it perfect for cartwheels and croquet. The following will be the things we need to know on lawn care:

  • Time

Since grass does grow depending on the season or weather, mowing your lawn will need time. Sometimes, mowing once a week is what it needs. Be ready! it won’t just take an hour of your time.

  • Equipment and Funds

Maintaining a lawn means it can be costly. You need to have at least some types of equipment that would help maintain your area. Examples of these are the Lawn Mower, Lawn Sweeper, or Leaf Sweeper. Acquiring these machinery may also cost you its maintenance fees at the same time.

  • Knowledge (Do’s and Don’ts) – When you’re into something, you should know it’s do’s and dont’s in that area. You should know what to do during the summertime if you have pets. What to do if moss is invading your lawn or if there’s discoloration on your grass. You should know what’s best fit your preference and what will ruin your greens.

Our Lawn’s Care Need per Season

Our lawn’s condition will depend on the season we have. We have a lot to consider such as the soil, the trees, and the insects that live in the grass and a lot more. We need to know how to take care of these things each season. Every season brings changes to all the factors that make up our lawn. This will require different methods on how we could keep it healthy.


Grass sleeps in this season. But, they still need water. Let’s keep them hydrated in this season. This is the best time to prepare them to give us a greener color when spring comes. During this time, the soil is a bit tight that’s why we need to aerate and rake. This will help the roots get more oxygen. Aside from that, this is also the perfect timing to do fertilization. The grass will absorb the chemicals in its root and keep it while dormant.


This is the time where we don’t need to worry that much about lawn maintenance. We can rest from weeding and mowing. But, this doesn’t mean ceasing. Before winter, we need to mower our grass to prevent rodents from sheltering in it during this season.


Winter alters the acidity of the soil in our lawn. It makes our soil compact and it welcomes diseases and weeds. Come Spring, the sun is warm and the breeze is cool which the perfect time for mowing is. Raking will also help the soil to breathe. Winter may keep our lawn uneven. Get a shovel cut and fill in the areas that need restoration. Once done, it’s now time to plant grass again! Fill in those bare and brown spots.

We always find spring as the perfect weather – not too hot, not too cold. But, for those lawn-conscious people, this is “a-lot-of-things-to-do” season. Dry leaves cover the whole lawn and the entire front yard. Who likes dried leaves all over? It’s like a house without someone in it. It seems like a dead place. We always want a green lawn! But, how?

Here’s a Lawn Sweeper, to the rescue! Some would call it “Leaf Sweeper”. This garden tool offers a big help to lawn owners. This removes leaves, do grass clippings, pine needles, twigs, or litter from the lawn area. It’s in a rotating brush mechanism. It collects the rubbish and puts it in a collection hopper for disposal.


Different Types of Lawn Sweepers:

  • Push Lawn Sweepers – are manual Lawn Sweepers. This means it’s powered by hand.
  • Powered lawn sweepers – a gasoline or electric motor- powered lawn sweeper
  • Tow lawn sweepers – from the word itself, it is being dragged behind a vehicle, for example, an ATV or a garden tractor. This kind is for larger and wide areas. Of course, it has a larger capacity for the hopper.


Caring for your lawn can be a bit more challenging during summer, especially if we live in a warmer climate. Many lawns thrive during this season. It’s also the time of the year where it can suffer different problems that can lead to stress and poor health. This is the season where our lawn needs extra attention.

During summer, the season is really hot and humid. Our grass needs water most importantly at this time of the year. Water will help the roots of our grass grow deeper down the soil. Which, in turn, makes them more tolerant of heat or dryness.

The care we give to our lawns will give us a greener and healthy house lot. The area will give us peace of mind, relaxation, and joy with our loved ones.