Correct mowing techniques is a vital part of having a healthy lush green lawn and it is free. Grass that is 2" long has quite a bigger leaf area. Give the grass lots of sunshine and the grass will produce plenty of food making the lawn green and healthy. Restrict the amount of sun going into the plant by cutting the lawn to short and this will result in less food created by the plant.

When the amount of sun is reduced whether by shade or 'close' mowing, the plants protection systems kick in. It starts growing leaves faster so that it can replace the leaf you cut off or make up for being in the shade. This means the closer you mow the faster the grass grows!

The consequences of constant close mowing is the plants reserves are gradually used up leaving the plant susceptible to disease. Also the grass with reduce its root depth and this can lead to stress and plant death in long periods of dry weather.

If you mow your lawn to short and your lawn is thin or patchy or full of weeds or moss there is a chance your mowing technique is the cause of many of your problems. However, all plants including grasses benefit from being fertilized and being carried out correctly will produce a fantastic beautiful healthy green lawn
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